About Us

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, The Thomas Consulting Group, Inc. ("Thomas Consulting") was formed by former regulators Patrick Huth and David Daulton.  The partners, currently including Brandon Thomas and Cecil Thomas, have been performing examinations for State Insurance Departments for over forty years.  Our extensive regulatory experience includes conducting risk-focused financial examinations, target financial examinations, market conduct examinations, supervisions, reinsurance reviews, investment portfolio reviews, company licensing, redomestications, Holding Company filings, financial analysis (including training for examiners and analyst), and other related insurance regulatory matters.  Our experience includes both traditional and non-traditional insurance operations.  The partners have served in the capacity of the Examination Supervisor, Examiner-In-Charge and Specialists for many examinations which have been reviewed by different NAIC Accreditation Teams.  The reviews of these examinations have resulted in the respective State Insurance Departments receiving a full five-year accreditation.

Our partners and subcontracted associates hold the required examination credentials, have extensive experience in their related fields and are active in the NAIC working groups, task forces, subcommittees and the NAIC Accreditation program.  They are also active members of SOFE and IRES.  In addition to our partners, our professional staff of examiners and subcontracted associates have extensive experience in conducting examinations for various State Insurance Departments.